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Shareholding structure, Public Ownership and About Phinma, Inc.


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            Public Ownership Report as of March 31, 2017


About Phinma, Inc.

Philippine Investment Management (PHINMA), Inc., the parent company of Phinma Corporation, is a private holding company which was established on November 19, 1956. The three founders of PHINMA, Ambassador Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr., Don Filemon C. Rodriguez, and Ernesto O. Escaler, had different backgrounds, inclinations and personalities. When they operated together, however, there was synergy.

PHINMA, Inc. was born at a time when foreign nationals in the country and many Filipinos themselves could not believe that Filipinos were capable of managing large corporations professionally. Its first investment was the acquisition of the Cebu Portland Cement Plant in Bacnotan, La Union. After winning the bid for this cement plant, PHINMA investors established Bacnotan Cement Industries Inc. on March 12, 1957 to hold its investments in the cement industry. This later became Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc., and is now known as PHINMA Corporation.

PHINMA, Inc. believes that Life Can Be Better. Proceeding from the principle that private business has a distinctive role to play in the country’s development, its mission is to help build the nation through competitive and well-managed business enterprises that enable the Filipinos to attain a better quality of life. Now, PHINMA, Inc. is invested in affordable quality education, clean reliable energy, value-for-money urban housing, secure and reasonably priced lodging, and other services that provide Filipinos better access to the essentials of a dignified life.

Under a Management Contract, PHINMA, Inc. exercises general management authority over PHINMA Corporation with responsibility over personnel and operations, including planning, direction, and supervision of finance and other business activities. In addition to being the holding company of PHINMA Corporation, PHINMA, Inc. also has direct equity investments and management control in various investee companies as shown in the investment chart.

The success of the various business interests of PHINMA is a living testimony that corporate social responsibility can be integrated into the core strategy of the business. At PHINMA, its business is its CSR and its CSR is its business.



  1. Mr. Oscar J. Hilado
  2. Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr.
  3. Mr. Roberto M. Laviña
  4. Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr.
  5. Mr. Victor J. del Rosario
  6. Amb. Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
  7. Dr. Edilberto C. de Jesus (Independent)
  8. Dato Timothy TM Ong (Independent)
  9. Mr. Washington Z. SyCip (Independent)
  10. Mr. Romeo L. Bernardo (Independent)
  11. Mr. Juan B. Santos



Mr. Oscar J. Hilado Chairman of the Board
Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr. Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Roberto M. Laviña Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer/PHINMA Group Chief Financial Officer
 Mr. Victor J. del Rosario  Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
 Atty. Troy A. Luna  Corporate Secretary
 Dr. Francisco L. Viray  Senior Vice President – Power
 Mr. Pythagoras L. Brion, Jr.  Senior Vice President and Treasurer
 Ms. Regina B. Alvarez  Senior Vice President – Management Information & Comptrollership
 Dr. Meliton Salazar, Jr.  Senior Vice President – Education Network
 Ms. Cecille B. Arenillo  Vice President and PHINMA Group Compliance Officer
 Mr. Emilio C. Vergara III  Vice President – Management Information Systems
 Mr. Rolando D. Soliven  Vice President - Group Assurance
 Mr. Marvin T. Coritana  Assistant Vice President - Controller
 Mr. Robert James G. Pabustan  Assistant Vice President